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Chef Tory McPhail mines the depths of Creole cooking

Modern New Orleans cooking meets our haute Creole in Chef Tory McPhail’s kitchen. His fascination with Creole and Louisiana cuisine inspires his menus. Respectful of the past – but never reined in by it. The rich palette of farm raised products and bayou gifts Louisiana has to offer fill his menu. His “dirt to plate within 100 miles” policy means that we strive for 90% of our ingredients to come from within 100 miles of our back door. Our cooking has the flavor of distinctive Louisiana terroir. From the “1403  Herbs” grown on the roof to inventive acclaimed dishes like the Foie Gras du Monde (named the best dish in New Orleans by John Mariani in 2008), Tory and the Commander’s Kitchen team know its history but live by the credo that ... “all of our best meals are still ahead of us.”