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Wine & Cocktails

Commander's Palace Grand Award


2014, 2013 Wine Spectator Grand Award Winner

Our Complete Award-Winning Wine List*

*New wine list at Commander's debuted in December! Please note that we cannot guarantee that wines listed will be available. Wines marked with an asterisk are very limited in availability.

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Join the Cocktail Revolution

Cocktails are back.Though for most of New Orleans, and certainly us, they never left. Ti Adelaide Martin and Lally Brennan, Co-Proprietors of Commander's Palace and known in some circles as "The Cocktail Chicks," want you to be a part of the Cocktail Revolution. Put down the bottled sour mix and step into The Land of Cocktails - the bar adjacent to the Commander's kitchen. Watch with anticipation as the bartender vigorously shakes your Ramos Gin Fizz with drama and flair or appreciate the balance of tequila, limoncello and bitters in a sip of Ti's favorite - the Tequila Mockingbird II.

Join us at the bar and peruse the cocktail list for a Commander's invention or a classic cocktail - we doubt you'll be disappointed. Cheers!

Specialty & Seasonal Cocktails

Perfect Thyming
Created by our expert Bar Chef Ferrel, this one is made of Kentucky Bourbon, bubbly, lemon juice, pecan liqueur and muddled thyme. We think it's "thyme" you tried one!

The Adelaide Swizzle
Destined to be a classic! New Orleans Amber Rum, freshly squeezed lime juice, Peychaud’s bitters, a splash of soda--plus our secret ingredient! 7.75

Sunset on the Rocks
Herradura tequila, Rhum Clement Creole Shrubb orange liqueur and citrus juice. A drizzle of pomegranate grenadine completes our signature cocktail for Commander’s Palace in Destin, Florida. 9.

Hibiscus Martini
Hand-crafted Jamaican Hibiscus tea, fresh squeezed lime and Bombay Sapphire come together beautifully to make a cocktail that is as stunningly beautiful as it is delicious and refreshing. 10.75

The Oops!
Maker’s Mark, Grand Marnier, Fresh Lime Juice, Peychaud’s Bitters and a dash of Cherry Heering. Watch your step after a couple of these! 9.75

Holly Berry Martini
A delightful mix of Stoli Citros vodka, Chambord liqueur, Pama pomegranate liqueur and fresh lemon. 10.25

Original Lime Daiquiri
The ideal answer for warm weather made with Appleton Special Rum, lime juice, and sugar. Served over crushed ice; it’s reminiscent of a New Orleans snowball! 8.25

Whiskey Smash
Muddled mint, lemon, sugar, a drop or two of water. Maker’s Mark and crushed ice are added for a real thirst quencher, southern style. 9.75

Watermelon Caipirinha
The Caipirinha (“k­i-puh-reen-ya”) is the Margarita of Brazil. We’ve added fresh watermelon to this bright, crisp lime and cachaca brandy cocktail. It’s truly remarkable! 10.75

Crescent City Cooler
This refreshing mix of guava infused Cruzan Rum, fresh lime and ginger ale—with a dash of bitters—is the perfect cocktail for a hot Summer day in the Crescent City. 8.75

In the Land of Cocktails

A few selections from our best-selling cocktail book

Tequila Mockingbird
This amazing cocktail is made with reposado tequila, limoncello, fresh lemon juice, sugar and Angostura bitters. It is every bit as delightful as its name, for which we thank our dear friend Bryan Batt. 10.75

Whoa Nellie
Our friend Ted Haigh, a/k/a “Doc Cocktail,” assisted Lally Brennan with the birth of this memorable cocktail during a Mardi Gras party a few years ago. The combination of rye whiskey, dark rum, Cointreau, fresh fruit, and spicy bitters will make you wish there was a parade on the way. 9.5

Named for the luxurious day spa operated by our dear friend Kim Dudek, this martini is truly divine. Kim’s famous libation is made with Charbay Blood Orange vodka, Cointreau, fresh lemon juice and cranberry. 10.5

The Papa Doble
Ernest Hemmingway’s favorite warm weather libation, made with Cruzan rum, cherry liqueur, fresh lime and grapefruit. A delicious traditional daiquiri on the rocks. 9.5

The Vieux Carre Cocktail
This classic from the Carousel Bar at the Monteleone Hotel starts with rye whiskey and Couvoiser and is finished with Benedictine and bitters. Have two and you might think you are on a carousel! 11.75

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Classic Cocktails

Golden Dawn
This drink from the UK circa 1920 was created by the United Kingdom Bartender’s Guild. Calvados, gin, Cointreau, apricot brandy, and orange, this drink is a gift from our friends across the pond. 9.

Sazerac Rye Whiskey, Peychaud’s Bitters, Herbsaint and finished with a twist of lemon. A New Orleans classic. 8.25
With Lucid Absinthe rinse... 14.

This is a big, beautiful drink for a connoisseur of cocktails. Brandy, Cointreau, lemon juice and sugar in perfect proportions. 8.25

Champagne Cocktail
Since it became popular in 1862, this effervescent mix of sparkling wine, sugar and bitters has been guaranteed to set a celebratory mood. 7.

Old Fashioned
Muddled orange and cherry with bitters and sugar form the base for this enigmatic classic. Then add Bourbon or Rye whiskey for the kick. Or have it like Ella does—with Scotch. 8.

Original Mai Tai
We use Trader Vic’s recipe for the King of the “Tiki” drinks. Gold and dark rum, oregeat, lime juice, and Orange Curacoa will definitely get everyone in the party spirit. 10.75

Blood and Sand
Scotch, Cherry Herring, Sweet Vermouth, and Orange combined in a romantic cocktail, named for the 1922 Rudolph Valentino movie. 9.

French 75
Named for the 75mm French cannons that helped win World War I, the base for this lovely cocktail is sparkling wine with sugar and lemon. Choose gin or brandy to finish yours off. 8.25

This classic was introduced at the Manhattan Club in the 1870’s, during a banquet hosted by Sir Winston Churchill’s mother. Sweet vermouth and bitters are mixed with whiskey and served up or on the rocks. Choose the contemporary favorite Bourbon, a nice smoky Scotch, or have it with classic Rye whiskey. 9.5

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Fine Brandies & Digestifs


Courvoisier VSOP - 11.00

Courvoisier XO - 30.00

Kelt VSOP - 16.00

Remy Martin VSOP - 11.00

Remy Martin “Extra” - 50.00

Remy Martin “Excellence” XO - 25.00

Remy Martin Louis XIII - 175.00

Hennessey XO - 25.00

Hennessey VSOP - 11.00

Park Reserve - 22.00

Park VSOP - 14.00

Park Premier Cru - 30.00

Park XO - 18.00

Tiffon XO - 14.00

Martell Cordon Bleu - 22.00


Larressingle VSOP - 11.00

Kelt Chateaux de St. Aubin - 19.00

Darroze “Réserve Spéciale” - 26.00

Darroze 1979 Domaine de Salié - 40.00


Calvados Morin - 10.00

Calvados Drouhin “Sélection” - 13.00

Bénédictine - 10.00

Bénédictine & Brandy “B&B” - 10.00

Grand Marnier “Cordon Rouge” - 11.00

Grand Marnier “Navan”Madagascar vanilla infused Cognac - 11.00

Grand Marnier “Cent Cinquantenaire” 150th Anniversary Cuvée - 40.00


Lustau “Escuadrilla” Amontillado - 10.00

Lustau “Don Nuño” Dry Oloroso - 12.00

Lustau “Península” Palo Cortado - 12.00

Lustau East India Solera (sweet) - 12.00

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Fine Scotch Whisky

Laphroaig 10yr - 13.00

Macallan 12yr - 15.00

Glenfiddich 15yr “Solera Reserve” - 15.00

Ardbeg 10yr - 15.00

Bowmore 17yr - 15.00

Talisker 10yr - 17.00

Oban 14yr - 17.00

Glenmorangie 18yr - 30.00

Oban 32yr “Extremely Rare” - 55.00

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Small Batch Bourbon/Rum

Basil Hayden’s 8yr Bourbon - 10.00

Booker’s “True Barrel Bourbon” - 14.00

Knob Creek 9yr Bourbon - 11.00

Ron Zacapa “Centinario” 23 year aged rum - 13.00

Cruzan Single Barrel St. Croix estate rum - 10.00

Old New Orleans 10 year - 13.00

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