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Special Events


The Holiday Season

We've got a new cocktail list just in time for the holidays. Bar Chef Ferrel created this gem below, The Drunken Pumpkin. Join us to see what else she's mixing up. 

Ferrel cocktail Pumpkin Commander's PalacePumpkin Cocktail Commander's Palace

The Drunken Pumpkin: Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Pumpkin Spice cordial syrup, Mandarin Napoleon, a few drops of black cherry vinaigrette, simple syrup, muddled raspberry. 


New Wine List

New wine list at Commander's debuted in October! See the complete list here. Our Wine Guy Dan Davis is here to assist with recommendations or a good joke. Ask for him at the restaurant or drop him a line ahead of time at

Dan Davis

Our Wine Guy Dan Davis. He is the mastermind behind Commander's Palace being awarded the Wine Spectator Grand Award. Read more about Dan Davis, Wine Guy Extraordinaire, here