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Special Events

Passover Menu, April 14-22

Wild Game Bird & Matzo Ball Soup

 Cypress knee smoked duck, goose, turkey, hen & quail with 

 quenelles of house made matzoh meal and smokey bone jus 

 Cayenne & Sea Salt Roasted Sweet Potato Salad

 Crispy & Creamy batons of Louisiana sweet potatoes over petit leaves with 

 brown sugar-pecans, cast iron roasted shallots and cinnamon-Tabasco vinaigrette 

 Smoky Lemon, Black Pepper & Rosemary Roasted Veal

 Garlic grilled artichoke, cardoon, salted eggplant & picholine olives 

 with scorched rosemary and charred scallion vinaigrette

  Spicy Mustard Grilled Spring Lamb

 Sous vide belly of Colorado lamb over crispy krugal, lipstick chilis,

  asparagus, soy beans, green peppercorn paste and tarragon pesto

 Chocolate Fudge Cookies & Madeira Soaked April Berries

 Mead glazed dates, cinnamon marsh mellows, spiced honey caramel,

 coconut pavlova and white chocolate-pistacchio butter


New Wine List

New wine list at Commander's debuted April 7! See the complete list here

Our Wine Guy Dan Davis is here to assist with recommendations or a good joke. Ask for him at the restaurant or drop him a line ahead of time at

Dan Davis

Our Wine Guy Dan Davis. He is the mastermind behind Commander's Palace being awarded the Wine Spectator Grand Award. Read more about Dan Davis, Wine Guy Extraordinaire, here