We Miss Hugging Already

But then who knew we'd be living in an alternate reality. Well, we are not going to lay down and whimper. This town can take a punch. This industry too.

What we will do is our darndest to be here for our team and our community. This couldn't be a more serious situation. People saying this is an overreaction are the foolish ones. But like our friends from New York and so many other areas hit with all sorts of devastating events, it is often our industry that is out front pulling our communities back together. We know you will do it again. It is an honor to work in your ranks shoulder to shoulder each day. We will need each other. Lean on each other. (Then wash your hands.) 

You don't need us to tell you that we are taking all the precautions that you are reading about.

These are uncharted waters, but this town is battle-tested. This is going to be a long slog. Like waiting for weeks or more for a hurricane. At least we won't lose power!

The “New Normal” ---kids out of school, working from home, and in need of a break? Can’t wait for it to all be over?  Why not send a little cheer to family and friends by purchasing a Commander’s Palace gift card. Show them you care and are thinking of them at this time.  We’ re all in this together. We are all looking forward to the way it was. Thank you for supporting us and our entire restaurant community. We’ll be back. We miss you already.

Let's work hard to help as many people as we can, to accomplish as much as we can. Let's make it through this strange time in Grand New Orleans style.



The set of assumptions we operate from changes daily, sometimes hourly.  Decisions and actions that were good and smart one day are not at all so a few days later. Our team works very collaboratively. Very. We are making decisions like we always do - together.

One decision is to start an Employee Relief Fund for our team. The Commander’s proprietors will make a significant donation at the end of the campaign. Also, all gift card sales through March 28th will go to the fund as well. Folks can buy them on our website, Commanderspalace.com. Many New Orleanians have asked how to help our team members. We will keep doing everything we can and are touched by the love and offers of support coming our way.

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