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February 1 2016 | news



Mardi Gras 2016 is in full swing here in New Orleans. Our team loves carnival and everyone celebrates in different ways. 

Chef Tory rides in Bacchus Sunday night and throws to all of his friends and Commander's teammates. Read more about Chef Tory in the Mardi Gras edition of Iron Horse Vineyard's colorful blog: 

Thank Goodness It's Cork Day: Diving Into Mardi Gras wtih Commander's Palace Executive Chef

Dan Davis, Commander's Wine Guy, has spent some good times with the Krewe of Cork. The walking parade winds through the French Quarter and is made up of krewe members dressed in wine and grape-related costumes. 

Dan Krewe of Corks
Dan (left) before heading off on the Krewe of Corks parade. 

And our Bar Chef Ferrel makes the most festive cocktails to celebrate Mardi Gras, including the famous Mardi Gras Sidecar. The cocktail comes with its own special mask bead. Sip one of these and you'll be ready to roll! 

Commanders Mardi Gras sidecar
Ferrel with the Mardi Gras Sidecar


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