Chef Tory McPhail mines the depths of Creole cooking

Modern New Orleans cooking meets our Haute Creole in Chef Tory McPhail’s kitchen. His fascination with Creole and Louisiana cuisine inspires his menus. Respectful of the past – but never reined in by it. The rich palette of farm-raised products and bayou gifts Louisiana has to offer fill his menu. His "dirt to plate within 100 miles" policy means that we strive for 90% of our ingredients to come from within 100 miles of our back door. Our cooking has the flavor of distinctive Louisiana terroir. Tory and the Commander's Kitchen team know its history but live by the credo that ... "all of our best meals are still ahead of us."


March 27th, 2020

Taking A Pause
The team came to the painful decision to take a two week pause. We will cease our to go operation, for now. We will still sell the Turtle Soup at Rouses and are preparing to sell it online at This is a pause to give our team time to take a breath. The health of our team and the community comes first. We will reassess daily.


Employee Relief Fund

Our team works very collaboratively. Very. We are making decisions like we always do - together. One decision is to start a fund for our team. The link to our Employee Relief Fund will be shared soon on our website and social media. The Commander's proprietors will make a significant donation at the end of this campaign. Also all gift card sales through March 28th will go to this fund as well. Many New Orleanians have asked how they can help our team members. We will keep doing everything we can and are touched by the love and offers of support coming our way.


Gift Cards
Planning to dine with us in the future? Support our team by purchasing a gift card now through March 28th. All gift card sales will go to our Employee Relief Fund.





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